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Already from the time of Byzantine Empire Ioustinianos we have a description of the charming valley of Rihios river, the natural carrier overflowed water from lake Volvi to the Strymonikos gulf.

At the west entrance of the valley, on the top of the hill was build the Castle of Rentina, with aim to protect the village and to control this important and critical passage.

On the north side of the hill was passing the roman Via Egnatia street following ancient traces of access already known from the wars between Athens and Sparta to conquer the city of Amfipoli and to control the mines of mountain Paggaio.

During a stratigraphical cut on the west side of the hill, many tools and objects dated from Neolithic period were found. There were also found, in different areas of the hill, archaic statuettes and potsherds dated from Classic till Roman and early Christian period.